“The discoveries made in Israel and the Mediterranean Sea will be a beacon for researchers around the world.”

Leon Charney has had a life-long association with Israel. As a lawyer and broadcaster he has used his influence and skills at key moments in history to advance the country's long-term interests. His present role as the catalyst of this new School is the latest expression of his commitment to a brighter Israeli future.

I have ambitious plans for the School of Marine Sciences. I envision the School's research endeavors serving as a catalyst for positive change in the geo-political reality of the Middle East and as a guiding light for global harnessing of the power of the sea.

Israel's brain power is its most valuable resource and must be provided with the proper capital to maximize its potential. It is this resource, brain power, which will find the path to capitalizing on the few natural resources hidden in Israeli soil and territorial waters. The discoveries made in Israel and the Mediterranean Sea will be a beacon for researchers around the world. In a world of natural disasters, global climate changes, coastline erosions, and an inaccessibility of vital natural resources, it is necessary for Israel to take an active role.

The Middle East is not only the cradle of civilization but the focus of today's most complex geo-political challenges. There are those who say that the next war in the Middle East will be fought over water. The time has come for a lasting peace in the Middle East which will be based not only on Israel's military strengths but also on its clever exploitation of the environment that surrounds it.

We have attracted world renowned researchers to our School and provided them with cutting edge laboratories in which they will conduct their research – alongside some of the world's most fascinating natural laboratories, the Mediterranean, Galilee, Red and Dead Seas.

I am proud to be associated with the University of Haifa and to stand behind this impressive assembly of scientists. I invite you to join me on a journey to changing the face of the Middle East.

Mr. Leon H. Charney
Donor and Chairman of the Board of Governors







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