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Faculty Dean: Prof. Gal Richter-Levin

Faculty Administrative Director: Mr. Nimrod Lahav

Established in June 2000, the Faculty of Science and Science Education is the University's youngest faculty. The faculty vision is to promote the highest quality of research in the fields of mathematics, life sciences and physics. . In addition, we aim to graduate the highest quality of science teachers. A major driving force behind it was Professor Yaki Sternfeld who until his untimely death in 2001 served as its first dean.

At present the faculty departments offers a B.Sc. degree in the following fields:
The Department of Mathematics
The Department of Science Education (The department offers a teachers training program) including Biology, Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Computers and Mathematics in conjunction with Humanities studies.
The courses provided by the Division of Evolutionary Biology are designed for undergraduate students from all departments of the University.

The faculty offers M.Sc. degree in the following fields:
The Department of Mathematics and
The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology This new department brings together researchers from the Department of Biology and the Institute of Evolution and takes advantage on the unique environment of the Carmel mountain and surrounding areas.

The faculty also offers Ph.D. degree in:
Mathematics - The the department of Mathematics.
Doctoral studies within the University wide committee framework.
Students interested in studies leading to a Ph.D. in the field of the life sciences or Science Education can do so within the University Wide committee framework for research students under the supervision of faculty members who hold a full academic position in the Faculty of Science and Science Education.
The Institute of Evolution provides opportunities for field and laboratory research in Modern Molecular Methods in plants, fungus, weeds and animals in conjunction with theoretical research that include Models in Mathematical Genetics, Bioinformation, Evolution and Gene Diversity and in some Organism Models from Bacteria to Mammals.
Within the center of Brain behavioral research: The Understanding of the Biological Basis for Learning and Memory, Human Brain simulation, Advanced methods in Electro Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
In the laboratories at the Department of Biological Education students can pursue research that deals with the interrelationships between plants and animals, Energetics, Preservation of Nature, Eco physiology, Chronobiology. The research is integrated from the Organismic to the Molecular level.
In addition, students can do their research thesis on topics of Mathematical and Physic Education.

Thus the faculty straddles both campuses: the Department of Mathematics, The Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and the Institute of Evolution are located on the Haifa Campus, while the Department of Science Education is part of the Oranim Campus at Kiryat Tivon.

In our era the scientific world is developing rapidly and new fields of research are growing rapidly. In order to adjust the fast changes the faculty aims to promote a multidisciplinary research. Together with the Department of Psychology and the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Science and Science Education established in 2001 The Brain and Behavior Research Center. This unique center trains M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and engages in multidisciplinary research. Meanwhile, a new Department in Neurobiology and Ethology geared to M.Sc. students is in the pipeline. It will mark a further significant development in our faculty as yet brief but already highly dynamic history.

Highlighting another fruitful aspect of our activities is the interaction between researchers from the Faculty of Science and Science Education with colleagues from the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Education. The main objective here is to encourage and promote interdisciplinary attitudes and research to help analyze and solve environmental problems. Scientists from the Department of Biology Education, form part of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, which is anchored in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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